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Sítio em inglês??

Olá queridos alunos,

Muitos me perguntam como dizer sítio em inglês. A melhor tradução seria cottage ou explicar que é: a house in the country. Porém cuidado para não dizer country house, que no inglês britânico equivale a uma mansão no campo ou como dizemos aqui em minas, um casarão.

Vamos ver algumas definições interessantes sobre o tema:

A cottage in Ireland.
In North America, most buildings known as cottages are used for weekend or summer getaways by city dwellers. It is also common for the owners of cottages to rent their properties to tourists as a source of revenue. In England the legal definition of a cottage is a small house or habitation without land. "Cottages" in Eastern Canada are generally located next to lakes, rivers, or the ocean in forested areas. They are used as a place to spend holidays with friends and family; common activities including swimming, canoeing, waterskiing, fishing, hiking, and sailing. There are also many well-known summer colonies

Cottage NOUN  ˈkɒtɪdʒ  ˈkɑːtɪdʒ  a small house, especially in the country.
a charming country cottage with roses around the door. 
(British Englisha holiday cottage
 (Canadian Englisha second house that people have, usually near a lake, where they can go on weekends and for holidays.

A country house in England.

country house  NOUN (British English)  a large house in the country, especially one that belongs or used to belong to a rich important family

Agora, também temos o termo farm para fazenda:


 NOUN  fɑːm 1. an area of land, and the buildings on it, used for growing crops and/or keeping animalsa 200-hectare farm *  farm buildings/machinery* to live/work on a farm
2 the main house on a farm, where the farmer lives

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Attribution: Stan Shebs

So, let´s enjoy the weekend at the cottage/farm/little farm...

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