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The origin of English language - part 1

Hello, folks!
Do you know what is the History of English language? Let´s watch this video and learn about it. It is the first part, every week I will post another one.

Olá pessoal,
Vocês sabem qual é a origem da língua Inglesa? Vamos assistir este vídeo e aprender sobre ela. Esta é a primeira parte, a cada semana eu vou postar uma parte dela.

Here is the audio script

The History of English in Ten Minutes
Chapter 1, Anglo-Saxon, or whatever happened to the Jutes?

The English language begins with the phrase “up yours Caesar”, as the Romans leave Britain, and a lot of Germanic tribes start flooding in, tribes such as the Anglos, and the Saxons, who together gave us the term the Anglo-Saxon, and the Jutes, who didn’t.
         The Romans left some very straight roads behind, but not much of their Latin language.  The Anglo-Saxon vocab was much more useful, as it was mainly words for simple everyday things like house, woman, loaf, and werewolf.  Four of our days of the week were named in honor of Anglo-Saxon gods.  They didn’t bother with Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, as they’d all gone off for a long weekend.  While they were away, Christian missionaries stole in, bringing with them leaflets about jumble sales and more Latin.  Christianity was a hit with the locals and made them much happier to take on funky new words from Latin, like martyr, bishop, and font.

         And along came the Vikings, with their action-man words like drag, ransack, thrust, and die.  They may have raped and pillaged, but they were also into give and take.  Two of around two thousand words they gave English, as well as the phrase “Watch out for that man, with the enormous ax.”

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